The History Channel has announced that an eight-hour scripted mini-series based on the Kennedy family will star Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes.

The Hollywood pair will play the much loved John F Kennedy and, his wife Jacqueline.

Jacqueline Kennedy is one of the world’s most famous fashion icons and her style still resonates today. It is rather fitting that Katie Holmes, who has also become a go to celebrity for effortless style and glamour, will play this role.

Parallels are also been drawn between the Kennedy marriage and Katie’s marriage to superstar, Tom Cruise. Both Jacqueline and Katie stood by their husbands during personal and professional roller coasters.

The creator of “24”, Joel Surnow, will produce the series. The mini-series will tell the tale of the early years of JFK’s presidency before his assassination in 1963.

Barry Pepper, of “25th Hour” and “Saving Private Ryan” fame, will play his brother Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Their father Ambassador Joe Kennedy, Sr will be played by British actor Tom Wilkinson, who is currently starring in “Ghost Writer”.

This will be the History Channel’s first scripted project and will premiere in 2011.