The new Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer featuring Jim Carrey has been released and the internet is not happy!

Sonic, the anthropomorphic blue hedgehog with supersonic speed became synonymous with Japanese video game developer Sega in the 1990s as the companies answer to rivals Nintendo and their popular mascot, Mario.

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SEGA and Paramount Pictures will release a live-action feature film starring the blue blur in November 2019 and the teaser trailer has already garnered 13.5 million views on Paramount’s official YouTube Channel.

With about 55% more dislikes than likes, the first few comments tell give you a good feel of what you are about to see.

What’s wrong with the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie?

First and foremost is Sonic's appearance; he looks nothing like the cool, slick character from the video games.

Sonic still acts like Sonic, rolling into a ball and zipping around collecting golden rings, but missing that fresh attitude and looks nothing like the original character, or slight variations of since.

Sonic the Hedgehog looks similar to the young boy Peter Shepherd in the 1995 movie Jumanji. Images: YouTube

Sonic the Hedgehog looks similar to the young boy Peter Shepherd in the 1995 movie Jumanji. Images: YouTube

Physically he looks like a human who jumped into a Sonic Halloween costume with a pair of red Puma runners. His head makes no resemblance to the real character and looks more like a blue version of the young boy in Jumanji.

The creator of Sonic, Yuji Naka, was also critical of the character missing gloves, reportedly saying: “It is shocking that bare hands are white.”

Full body shot of the new version of Sonic the Hedgehog. Image: YouTube

Full body shot of the new version of Sonic the Hedgehog. Image: YouTube

He also critiques Sonics body proportions, saying on Twitter: “I feel that it is important to look at the whole body visual of Sonic and head body and stomach. Did you not get a little more balance?”

Coolio’s Gangster Paradise song opens the trailer and it sounds as out of place as the characters physical attributes.

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From the short clip, you would be forgiven for thinking Jim Carrey is playing Ace Ventura Pet Detective with a makeover and not Sonics chief antagonist Dr. Ivo Robotnik - an evil scientist who is always scheming on world domination.

It seems as if they intentionally tried to botch this movie they couldn’t have done a better job and some fans have gone so far as to recreate Sonic to help the movie's makers.

What has been the online reaction to Sonic the Hedgehog Movie?

With all the controversy, what are fans saying online?

[Sonic the Hedgehog movie pitch meeting]

Jim Carrey: [chanting] teeth, teeth -
Director: teeth, TEETH
Paramount execs [pounding the table]: TEETH, TEETH, TEETH!

— Gavia Baker-Whitelaw (@Hello_Tailor) April 30, 2019

This shows how far off the design is. It's like a reverse uncanny valley.

I just... I want to enjoy this film... original Sonic is a defining childhood memory... and I'm glad if you're happy with it so far... but damn it looks terrible to me.#SonicTheHedgehog

— Super Duper (@superduperstuf) April 30, 2019

I felt bad after the Sonic trailer too

— Emm Ledsam (@ledsam_emma) May 1, 2019

Made my own super quick edit of #SonicTheHedgehog
Simple little changes would have made a big difference. It's not perfect but I tried to make Sonic more like himself.

— Li @ Hyrule 🌿 (@LiKovacs) April 30, 2019

What do you think of the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie?

We'd love to get your thoughts so we've included the trailer for you to view below.

Sonic the Hedgehog was initially scheduled for a 2018 release by Columbia Pictures; however, Paramount Pictures rescheduled it to November 15, 2019, before changing it again. The film is currently set for release in the United States on November 8, 2019.

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