Jim Carrey is set to reprise his role as Chip Douglas from the cult classic black comedy "The Cable Guy" for a Super Bowl commercial on Sunday night. 

Carrey, who has Irish heritage on his mother's side, will reprise the role for a Verizon 5G commercial that will debut during the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams game on Sunday evening. 

In a 30-second teaser video posted on Twitter, Carrey was seen putting on his gear and looking menacing as he brandished a drill. 

"Humanoids have long felt the need to escape the rigors of life through streaming content, and it is I, only I, who possess the necessary skills to fulfill that need. It is... my purpose," Carrey says in the short clip. 

The commercial will promote Verizon's 5G Home and Business Internet. 

This Sunday…he’s back… and he just wants to connect! 8^• pic.twitter.com/NZuTldXp5B

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) February 11, 2022

Verizon chief commercial officer Andrew McKechnie told Adweek that Carrey was "pretty psyched" to reprise the role, adding that the actor felt "like this was the right time". 

"You can't get a better moment than the Super Bowl to do something like this," McKechnie said. 

"Hopefully, when the viewers see it, it will feel like a great story both from a cultural standpoint and, in terms of 25 years later, what The Cable Guy ultimately represents," he continued. 

Carrey famously played the role of Chip Douglas in the 1996 film, which received mixed reviews from critics and was perceived as a flop despite grossing $102.8 million at the box office. 

The black comedy follows Carrey as a quirky cable instructor who is hired by architect Steven Kovacs (Matthew Broderick). 

Chip, who has a habit of stalking his customers, wreaks havoc on Steven when he rejects his offer of friendship. 

Directed by Ben Stiller, the film also featured a host of actors who would become household names in the 2000s, including Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Bob Odenkirk.