British late-night host James Corden's team's reached out to the U2 frontman but he's open to other Irish stars... maybe Imelda May or Sinead O'Connor? 

James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke has attracted megastars galore dying for the chance to drive around LA and sing songs with the British late-night host, but so far Bono hasn’t been a passenger.  That may well change in 2020, at least if Corden has his way.

"We’ve reached out to Bono a few times," Corden told the Irish Sun.

"We’re told he’s game, but we haven’t managed to fit in with his schedule so far. I’d happily drive around Dublin or LA with him, whichever he preferred.”

Zipping around the streets of Liverpool with Paul McCartney is Corden’s Carpool highlight so far.  It’s doubtful that Bono would be able to top a Beatle, but Corden would love if he gave it a try.

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“There have been a lot of great ones, but there’s never been as good a one as that, so far. Maybe Dublin will change that!” Corden said.

Host of his own late, late-night show on CBS which follows Stephen Colbert’s, Corden is also amenable to having other Irish stars join him for a drive and a sing-song too.

“Since we started doing this a few years ago, I’ve somehow managed to make my way through an amazing wish list of people from Mariah Carey to Celine Dion, but we’ve yet to get an Imelda May or a Sinead O’Connor in on the act,” he said.

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Here's one of the most popular Carpool Karaoke's:

Would you like to see Bono in James Corden's passenger seat? What do you think?