Jackie Chan is shown kicking ass in the trailer for his new movie, “Foreigner” and this time it’s Pierce Brosnan and the IRA who are the targets.

The film is based on a 1992 thriller by Stephen Leather about a man whose daughter is killed when an IRA bomb goes off in the prosperous area of Knightsbridge in London.

British authorities failed to help him and he decided to seek justice by himself.

“Tell me who killed my child,” a mourning Jackie demands from Pierce Brosnan’s character.

“I work for the government,” Brosnan replies evenhandedly, every inch of him the civil servant.

“I do not work for terrorists.”

The trailer offers glimpses into Jackie’s dangerous journey into the world of those who killed his child but his efforts are not appreciated by Brosnan’s character who fiercely upbraids his over the phone, “You have NO idea who you are dealing with.”

“Yes I do,” Chan responds.

“Do you?”

The thriller is due out on October 13.