“Trad on the Prom” is excellent. Full stop. No arguments on each and every count, tap, and note. It’s not often you come across something you want to shout about from the rooftops, but “Trad on the Prom” is all that and more. If you have never seen “Riverdance” or “Lord of the Dance” and even if you have and happen to be in Galway, you should go and see this show.

This show is different as you can get up close and personal to the action on stage and actually see and hear what is happening properly. It’s thrilling, I couldn’t sleep for hours afterward, it was so exciting.

No more than myself you probably won’t remember their names, but we are talking world class talent here: Sylph-like Claire Graney, who has won the World Irish Dancing Championship no fewer than six times, the Keaney brothers “putting it up to” Cian Nolan (see the video below) and Ireland’s top “Sean Nós” dancer Emma O’Sullivan, a raven-haired beauty from Connemara.

Then there is the superb music and tunes played by the accomplished Mairín Fahy and her sister Yvonne, of the Chieftains. Is there any musical instrument this lady can’t play? And piper Gerard Fahy, who flew in fresh from a live interview in London with legendary Michael Flatley. He’s only the musical director of the “Lord of the Dance.” I mean, could you get any better?

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* Originally published in 2014. 

Amazing dancer wowed the Galway crowd at “Trad on the Prom”.