The legendary Irish designer used to be Princess Diana’s personal stylist

Irish designer Paul Costelloe has had his say on Meghan Markle and her royal style.

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Speaking with The Independent, Costelloe has made it clear he’s no superfan of Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.

“I don't think she's anywhere near the superstar, that quality of person that Diana was," Costelloe said.

In 2015, Costelloe had similar comments about Kate Middleton.

A native of Dublin, Costelloe is no stranger to royal style and used to be the personal stylist to the late Princess Diana, a role he now describes as his “epitaph.”

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He has yet to dress Duchess Kate Middleton but told RSVPLive: “I think she’s elegant. She’s understated, she’ll hopefully wear Paul Costelloe one day! Totally correct and has a very high standard.”

“Her template would be a lot easier to work with,” he told The Irish Sun of Middleton.

Speaking of Markle, who is heavily pregnant at the moment, Costelloe told The Irish Sun: “I think Meghan is fantastic but I think she probably finds it difficult coming from the roles she was in and the lifestyle, particularly living in LA."

"So we have to allow her a year or two to conform to some extent I suppose.”

Last month, Costelloe told RSVPLive: “Meghan gets swallowed up in a lot of the clothes she wears.”

“I think she is a tough one to handle. I think the walls are slightly cracking already, there are little creaks appearing here and there.”

“I hope it all works out, but she is a handful. She’s coming from a very different background and it’s going to be hard for her to stick within the fashion rules the royal family require.”

“She’s a lot smaller than Diana, so she shouldn’t really try imitate her. She’s a touch of Diana, without the class,” he said.

“I’d still love the chance to dress her though, even though she’s pregnant.”

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In October, Irish designer Don O’Neill said he was “humbled” to dress Markle for an event she attended during a royal tour of Tonga.

“I am humbled and sooo excited to dress The Duchess of Sussex,” O’Neill said.  “It has been an exciting whirlwind collaboration.”

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