Riverdance, originally performed at Eurovision 1994, became a joyous celebration of the Irish character.

It’s hard to believe but Riverdance, the worldwide phenomenon, celebrated 22 years in production this past April.

Riverdance first burst onto the stage as an interval act during the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, taking the audience in the Point Depot and television viewers by storm, and the show's producers have never looked back.

A whole new genre of entertainment was born  and 25 million audience members later Riverdance still astonishes globally.

For the 20th anniversary, Moya Doherty wrotein the Irish Independent that “Riverdance became a joyous celebration of the Irish character which millions around the world were allowed to share.”

From the haunting vocals of Anúna, to the graceful elegance of Jean Butler, to the explosive entrance of Michael Flatley, Riverdance was an immediate smash and all these years later the effects are still being felt.