The 2015 Old Moore’s Almanac is currently on the presses and if next year’s edition is as accurate as the last one it’ll be worth a read.

Old Moore's Almanac has been published for nearly two and a half centuries. Its founder, Theophilus Moore, ran a classical academy at Milltown which was then a village near Dublin (since that time, it has been incorporated into the city). A teacher of Irish, English, Greek and Latin, he became known as a clever mathematician and a veritable wizard of astrology, gaining the nickname 'The Irish Merlin'. He published his Old Moore's Almanac for the first time in 1764, and received such support that the other Irish almanacs gradually dwindled away. Theophilus Moore is now buried in the Drumcondra Churchyard, in Dublin, but the tradition of Old Moore's Almanac continues unbroken to this day.

The Old Moore's Almanac is published annually in November. The current owners of the Old Moore's Almanac possess back issues dating from 1914 onwards. The magazine has traditionally been a resource for the agricultural community in rural Ireland.

Topics include the revival of lost Irish traditions, technology, urban farming, country sporting pursuits, unusual breeds of animals, recipes, hints and tips, the paranormal, traditional medicine, horoscopes, and an analysis of antique issues of the Almanac (pre-1950).

The popular section of the Almanac. The in-house psychic remains anonymous, often quoting that he "likes to stay under the radar" and away from public life.

Old Moore’s Almanac is bucking the trend and it's still popular with its circulation increasing by 8% on last year.

Here are just some of the predictions that came true in 2014:

Predicted: Tourism in Ireland sees a jump in numbers.

Yes. Up again for the second year running.

Predicted: Bono to watch his health.

He had a terrible bike accident recently.

Predicted: A Dublin canal will burst its banks.

Yes, several.

Predicted: Enda Kenny will have a tough year.

Hello water charges.

Predicted: Michael O’Leary has some sort of epiphany and decides to make Ryanair a much more palatable experience for customers. Okay it isn’t perfect, but he’s getting there.

Yes. O’Leary has been telling everyone all year that he’s going to be a better person.

Predicted: Young very famous female star dies.

Peaches Geldof.

Predicted: Pope Francis visit the USA.

Yes. He announced he will visit next year.

Predicted: There will also be a plane mishap in Ireland, but not too serious.

Two Ryanair jets collided in 2014, and their wing tips were mashed. No injuries. Phew.

Predicted: Disturbed weather patterns in the USA.

The Polar Vortex froze the northern parts of the USA.

Predicted: Amelia Earhart will be in the news more and more.

Parts of her plane were found this year.

Predicted: Irish house prices go up and then dip again.

House prices are expected to fall as new mortgage rules come into force.

Predicted: Scots will say no.

They did.

Predicted: Hillary will make preparations to run for president.

Go Hilary. She is gearing up.

Predicted: Bob Geldof will face illness and also try to get into space!

Bob lost his daughter in 2014 and his health has obviously suffered. Bob Geldof is counting down to his first space mission after completing his rigorous training.

Predicted: Irish Weather – September tries its hardest to give us an Indian summer.

Yes! We did have an Indian summer!

Predicted: A second pregnancy for Brian O’Driscoll and Amy Huberman.

Yes! Billy was born in November.

Predicted: The Vatican will have a much better year than the previous years, especially because “lost” pages of the Bible are found.

It is based on manuscript found in British Library dating back 1,450 years has made news this year, being dubbed, “The Lost Gospel.”

Here are some predictions from the 2015 edition:

Michael O’Leary in the news, he’s getting even nicer!

IRA scandal.

Irish band the Cranberries in the news.

Ian Paisley information comes out.

Ireland: Drama around school admissions unfairness.

Abortion in Ireland in the news, again.

Amy and Brian consider moving abroad.

Snakes in Ireland!

Record heatwaves everywhere. Waves, everywhere. Waves will be in the news all year.

Irish birth rate in the news.

A drama for the Aran Islands.

Where’s Fungi? He’s in the news.

Eurozone has debt crisis.

More sickness for the Pope. Next Pope will be known as the “dark Pope.”

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