Ireland has been getting some exceptionally glorious weather these last few weeks, to the delight of pretty much everyone except the Star Wars crew who are there filming Episode VIII.

The crew and cast – including Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver – arrived at Belfast Airport last Friday, ahead of a weekend of filming at Malin Head in Donegal.

Adam Driver, Daisy, Mark Hamill and Director Rian Johnson all coming to shoot in Malin Head, Ireland!!!

— Evan (@HarrisHarrisev9) May 13, 2016

The sunny skies persisted through the weekend, meaning that on Sunday the film crew had to bring in hundreds of gallons of water to create the rain needed for a crucial scene.

The Millennium Falcon being sprayed with fake rain during Star Wars filming at Malin Head today. #StarWars

— Mark Nolan (@mfn1234) May 14, 2016

There were reports of 20 trucks full of water driving to the set location.

Bringing in water to make rain for #StarWars @_DaisyRidley_ @HamillHimself should know this is Sunny Malin Head

— Ali Farren (@SunnyMalinHead) May 14, 2016

Way to not live up to your meteorological reputation, Ireland!

The Grey buckets dumps water over & down the slides. Used For Heavy rain, Flood or water fall style FX #StarWars

— Chris (@watchallirish) May 14, 2016

Hear the one about Star Wars coming to Malin head and having to get rain machines because the weather was too good! #firsttimeforeverything

— Donegal Daily (@DonegalDaily) May 16, 2016

On Monday the Star Wars entourage left Donegal and flew to Cork Airport, where they continued on to filming locations in West Cork and Kerry.

Mark Hamill in particular seems to be getting the most out of his time in Ireland – taking time to meet with a teenage fan in Northern Ireland who’s battling Hodgkins Lymphoma, interacting with fans on Facebook, and sharing his frustration at not being able to eat Taytos or Malteasers due to a strict diet.

PICS: Mark Hamill makes teenage cancer survivor's dreams come true in Ireland

— (@JOEdotie) May 18, 2016

Please stop torturing me. #TaytoTaunting

— Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) May 16, 2016

Star Wars is currently filming in Brow Head, Co. Cork, where it looks as though they’re getting the more typically Irish weather they had anticipated.

A hard rain is gonna fall on Brow Head for #starwars crew. Spot the vans & rigs. #starwarscork @irishexaminer

— Kevin Crowley (@inchinagatogh) May 17, 2016