Traditional Irish dancing gets an interesting makeover in this new video from well-known Irish dancer Hannah Redlich

Just as Riverdance gave Irish traditional dancing a new edge, Irish dancer Hannah Redlich is once again setting the bar high for the Irish tradition and the lengths it can go to in the 21st century.

Sure to make her name among the list of the most famous Irish dancers, you may remember Redlich from her spectacular Hamilton and Ed Sheeran Irish dance videos. Now the US-based dancer is sending a message of empowerment and positivity with her latest Irish dance video.

“I love creating dance videos, but I also love sharing positive content with messages that are expressed in unconventional ways,” Redlich said. 

“The message in my latest video is about fear and doubt (represented by 'monsters') keeping us from pursuing our dreams.  But, we shouldn't let them win.  We are all given gifts (which I've symbolically portrayed as 'wings') and are capable of achieving anything!”

“It started with a simple idea. I heard J+TL's song ‘Going to Mars’ and loved the challenge it presented with choreography as well as the message: You can do anything,” she writes on her YouTube channel.

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Speaking about how the talent and creativity of Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley influenced her own “out-of-the-box” approach, Redlich believes that while she has a great love for the traditional art form, she wants to spread the beauty of the dance to the masses by making it accessible to new audiences.

“It's fun to think of new ways to present it,” she previously told IrishCentral.

“I started dancing almost 14 years ago when I was around 7 or 8 years old.  As a toddler, I was obsessed with Riverdance!  I still vividly remember dancing around the living room, mimicking Jean Butler's every move.  

“I started briefly with ballet and tap, but fell in love with Irish dancing when I finally found an opportunity to learn it.  I love the elegance and grace of soft-shoe, the rhythm of hard-shoe, and the uniqueness of this dance form,” Redlich continued.   

“Though, I think my ancestral connection to Ireland has also driven my love for Irish Dance. It's in my blood!”

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