Former British middleweight boxing professional Chris Eubank has weighed in with his opinions on who has the edge in the much-anticipated fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

Unlike Mike Tyson who predicted the Dubliner was going “to get killed boxing”, Eubank thinks McGregor has one important advantage people are forgetting.

“Everyone is forgetting that he is an Irishman and an Irishman has a spirit that cannot… We can liken them to the maroons, the Jamaicans, they are a special people.

“I’m not bumping them up, I’m not Irish.

“I’m just saying my observations of these people, they are amazing.

“I’m not talking about Conor McGregor, I’m talking about AN Irishman.

“An Irishman is always to be respected.

“It is possible that Mayweather Jr is actually taking his eye off the target. What is he fighting?

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“You’re not fighting an MMA fighter, you're not fighting a guy who's maybe limited in professional boxing.

“You’re fighting an Irishman and THAT…”

“Could be enough?” the interviewer interjects.

“It is enough!” he replies.

“How do I know? I lived this, experience give you a knowledge that puts you in a position of counsel.

“He’s an Irishman, so this fight is a very interesting fight.  

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“Not because of ability but because of spirit!”

At which point he began to sing away to “How Do You Like Me Now”.

The fight is due to take play in Las Vegas and has already been dubbed “the boxing match of the millennium”.