Ed Sheeran may have the conflict of all conflicts on May 19 this year.

That’s when a wedding will take place in Britain, you might have heard of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who are set to tie the knot in London at the wedding of the decade. (My invite got lost in the mail).

US Magazine is reporting that Prince Harry badly wants Sheeran, whose grandparents hail from Ireland, to play at his wedding.

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But on the same day, Ed is due to play in his favorite country on earth, Ireland, with a sellout crowd at Phoenix Park, a massive outdoor venue in Dublin.

The venue has been booked the tickets sold--but Ed may not make it because the prince has called.

In the old days the minstrel would never have turned down the prince, or he would have lost his head.

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But times change.

It's a tough one for Ed, Irish at heart and British by birth. He couldn’t turn down the prince now, could he?


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