This video of The Dubliners performing their incredible multi-handed "Octopus Jig" is simply jaw-dropping. 

The famous Irish band The Dubliners is known the world over for their musical talents, but they took that talent to the next level with this performance, showing off their incredible versatility. 

In this video, the band's beloved frontman Luke Kelly introduces the number by telling the crowd that they "ain't seen nothing yet."

"What you've got to do is watch this as well as listen to it," Kelly told the crowd. "You've got to guess who is playing what.

"Barney [McKenna] and John [Sheehan] are going to switch hands. When they are drunk they get this perfect. When they're sober, which they are now, we're not so sure," he added, encouraging the crowd to "hope for the best."

Sheehan proceeds to play the fiddle with his arms intertwined around McKenna, who simultaneously plays the banjo. 

The already impressive feat becomes even more staggering when Ciarán Bourke enters the fray, holding up a tin whistle for Sheehan. 

With Bourke providing the finger movements, Sheehan then proceeds to play the tin whistle while also playing the fiddle. 

To round off the number, Kelly provides Bourke with a pint, which he gladly accepts while continuing to play the tin whistle with Sheehan. 

The incredible performance understandably received a raucous round of applause from the impressed crowd. 

The Dubliners regularly performed the number, which is available to stream on Spotify. 

However, it is the visual experience that makes the Octopus Jig so entertaining and so impressive and as Kelly says, "what you've got to do is watch this."

Watch The Dubliners performing the Octopus Jig here: