New series Dublin Murders features a predominantly Irish cast

Irish-American novelist Tana French’s book series Dublin Murder Squad is being adapted for television and will feature a stellar and predominantly Irish cast.

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The eight-part television series entitled Dublin Murders is being adapted by American premium cable channel Starz, Irish broadcaster RTE, and UK broadcaster BBC One.

In French’s book series, each of the eight books is led by a different detective from within the same murder investigation team. The television adaptation is said to be a blending of French’s first two books in the series, In the Woods and Likeness.

Killian Scott, who shot to fame for his portrayal in RTE’s drama Love/Hate, is playing the lead Rob Reilly. Sarah Greene, who starred in Rosie and Penny Dreadful, also stars as detective Cassie Maddox.

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Scott and Greene are joined by other Irish actors Tom Vaughan-Lawlor (Love/Hate), Moe Dunford (Patrick’s Day), Eugene O'Hare (The Fall), Conleth Hill (Game of Thrones), and Peter McDonald (Moone Boy). reports: “This series, set during the height of the Celtic Tiger financial boom of the millennium, will focus on two murder investigations led by ambitious and charismatic Detectives Rob Reilly and Cassie Maddox.”

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“The victims - a young talented ballerina who is found dead on an ancient stone altar; and a vivacious free-spirited woman, who is found stabbed in a roofless famine cottage - are seemingly unrelated, but as we will discover, are actually knitted together by powerful shared themes - the macabre ‘red in tooth and claw’ elements of both stories, and their heart-thumping psychological thriller qualities.”

Starz president and CEO Chris Albrecht said: "This series is brilliantly adapted by Sarah Phelps, who in blending the first two novels has constructed a complex and enigmatic world for this suspense-filled drama.”

"We look forward to bringing viewers along on this intense ride."

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