Actor Domhnall Gleeson sought to confirm every single stereotype relating to Irishmen and their mammies.

Speaking to the Sun of Sunday about his famous father, Brendan, and his mother, Mary, he said, “My mother is every bit as important to our family as my father. Both of them are fantastic parents.

“Keeping a family together is pretty artistic too and takes a lot of creativity, I would think.

“My mom’s just a brilliant woman. She’s her own person, there’s no way to describe her quickly.

“She’s amazing. I couldn’t have a better mom. You know, Irish guys and their mothers is a thing.

“We’re all mad about our mams, but I’d take mine over any other one.

“She’s the business and very supportive and realistic at the same time,” he’s concluded.

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Gleeson is fast becoming as well known an actor as his father and recent news reports suggest he’s set to earn over $14 million this year alone.

Readers might have seen him in American Made, Mother! And if they missed him he also stars in the soon to be released Goodbye Christopher Robin, A Futile and Stupid Gesture,  Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Crash Pad.

“I have not been working non-stop,” he told the website, Screen Rant.

“It just so happens the movies come out at the same time. It’s great. I’m very proud of all the films, they’re all quite different to each other.”

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