In an interview on TV3 with Orla Barry, Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson says that he believes Irish men are sexually repressed.

His upcoming film, ‘Sensation’, draws attention to the theory by telling the story of an Irish farmer who is a virgin, but spends a good portion of time on sex sites on the web and eventually becomes involved with a sex worker from New Zealand.



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While Gleeson, son of famed Irish actor Brendan Gleeson, notes that the character he portrays is not based on anyone in particular, he does say that “I can imagine there are plenty of Irish men like this character who have seen too much but experienced not enough.”

‘Sensation’ will be released in Ireland shortly, and has already received notable praise from several film festivals. Up next for Gleeson is a film version of ‘Anna Karenina,’ directed by ‘Atonmenet’ director Joe Wright and co-starring Keira Knightly and Jude Law.

Below, catch the trailer for ‘Sensation’: