Brad Pitt had a question for Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson, and he got it answered courtesy of his wife Angelina Jolie, who directed Gleeson in last year’s "Unbroken" and has maintained a friendship ever since.

AJ interviewed Gleeson in the latest edition of Interview magazine, and had to ask the following: “Brad had a question for you. ‘What the hell is the M doing in your name if you're not going to use it?’"

Gleeson, one of the stars of the mega-hyped "Star Wars" flick that debuts in December, had a neat response: “I'm disappointed he didn't ask, ‘When can we work together?’"

He went on to explain the Gaelic origins of his name, pronounced “Donal,” and how tricky pronunciations can be. “There's a reason the language is dying out. I wish it wasn't, but there's a reason it is, which is names like Domhnall,” he said.

He related another funny story about when he worked in a supermarket and how he had no problem handling feminine products.

“I remember this time I was packing Tampax, and this guy who worked in the supermarket sprinted up to me, his face all red, saying, ‘You don't have to touch those things. We can get one of the girls to do that.’"