Pete Doherty, the often-drug addled English rocker who was at one point dating Kate Moss, was the star attraction at Trinity College in Dublin earlier this month, when fans lined up for hours to hear him give a guest lecture. He wasn't opining on the global financial crisis, but rather he spoke about anything and everything else, and didn't disappoint with his witty stories about life as both a musician and U.K. tabloid fixture. Doherty lived in Co. Antrim for part of his childhood, as his father was a member of the British Army when The Troubles in the North were intense. His recollection of that time? "Lisburn, aged six, seven, eight. At that age you're not really involved, you get up in the morning, have your Rice Krispies, check under the car for a bomb, and go to school. It was quite natural really. I had to pretend my dad was working in the post office." Not surprisingly, Doherty is pals with the equally hellraising Irish/English rocker Shane MacGowan of the Pogues. "It's hard to understand what he says a lot of the time, but when you do work it out it's generally quite insightful and yeah, he's taught me a lot," Doherty shared. Wouldn't you just love to listen in on one of those conversations!