The hugely popular and critically acclaimed show 'Derry Girls' will begin filming its third season in May this year, according to reports.

The Channel 4 show last aired in April 2019 and a third season was announced the following July. 

In an interview with JOE, Derry Girls star Tara Lynne O'Neill stated that filming would begin in May, although that has yet to be confirmed by Channel 4. 

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"We start filming in May, but we haven't gotten the scripts yet. So, we don't know what's going to happen yet but we're all really excited to be back together,"  O'Neill said to JOE. 

Lisa McGee's hit show is the most-watched show on Northern Irish TV since modern records began in 2002 and it became Channel 4's biggest comedy launch series since 2004. 

The show is broadcast on Netflix for viewers outside Ireland and the UK and it has proved similarly popular across the Atlantic, gaining widespread critical acclaim. 

The series focuses on a group of teenagers growing up in Derry in the 1990s while some of the bloodiest episodes of the Troubles unfold. 

The show hilariously chronicles the trials of everyday teenagers against the backdrop of one of the darkest chapters in Ireland's history. 

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The show delicately deals with momentous moments in the conflict in Northern Ireland, such as the IRA ceasefire in 1994 and the visit of former US president Bill Clinton to Derry in 1995, whilst also humorously depicting a group of girls - and their male English friend - as they try to live as ordinary a life as possible. 

It is funny, poignant and heartwarming in all the right places and it is no wonder that it strikes a chord with so many viewers on both sides of the Atlantic.