Game of Thrones' Olly: Derry Girls Season Two welcomes a much-hated GoT character into the midst. 

Ireland may be bemoaning the end of Derry Girls season two this Tuesday night but for those of us waiting expectantly for it to appear on Netflix, the final TV screening couldn't come soon enough. 

Especially for those Derry Girls fans who are also awaiting the start of the Game of Thrones final season as it appears that an unwelcome face may have made the transition from Westeros to Derry. 

Yes, Game of Thrones fans may be shocked to see the face of ultimate betrayal i.e. Olly, appearing alongside our favorite Derry Girls in the second season. Irish viewers already know what the role will entail but for those of you in the US, all we know is that his character's name is said to be Jon. Perhaps a nod to Olly betraying Jon Snow!

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Finally getting to watch Derry Girls season 2 and I can’t believe Olly was killed in Westeros just to have to deal with James, the wee English ‘lad’. #derrygirls #areallifeboy #channel4

— Kate ‘Egg Nazis’ Murray (@kateemma22) March 20, 2019

Great to see Derry Girls back on TV loved that "Olly" from Game of Thrones was cast as "Jon".....ohhh the irony!  well played! #derrygirls

— Donna Young (@iamDonnaY) March 5, 2019

Olly/Jon actor Brenock O'Conner even got in on the fun, tweeting about how hated his former character was: 

thought he died? always hated that guy anyway x

— Brenock O'Connor (@Brenock_OConnor) March 4, 2019

What have you made of the second season of Derry Girls? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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