The first trailer has been released for David Letterman's upcoming St. Patrick's Day special, which will see him tour Dublin City with the help of Bono and the Edge. 

"Bono & The Edge: A Sort of Homecoming, with Dave Letterman", which will air on Disney+ on March 17, chronicles Letterman's first trip to Ireland, where he is joined by the famous U2 duo. 

Speaking in the trailer, Bono said "traditional storytelling is part of Dublin", adding it's also part of U2's music. 

"It’s in our music. Our songs, they’re still growing, they’re still emerging." 

The two U2 members said they invited Letterman to Dublin "to talk about our songs" while Larry Mullen Jr. was recovering from an injury and Adam Clayton was "off making an art show". 

The trailer includes a preview of a special show at Dublin's Ambassador Theatre, with Bono and the Edge examining their relationship with music on-stage with Letterman. 

They also discussed some of their older songs, exploring how some songs stayed the same, while others changed to fit their current position in life. 

"We wanted to strip away the artifice that inevitably emerges after you’ve been around this long," Bono told Letterman. 

"We seem to thrive doing what’s never been done before," the Edge added. 

Bono and the Edge also gave a special performance at McDaid's Pub in Dublin city center as part of the upcoming documentary, while Letterman also reportedly visited a number of locations around the city. 

According to the Irish Independent, Letterman paid a visit to Cavistons in Glasthule, an Irish fish shop that has been in business for more than 75 years, on December 13.