A 2021 video of an adorable four-year-old Irish girl, from Kinsale, singing the iconic Irish song “Danny Boy” ahead of St. Patrick's Day back received over 3.6 million views across social media.

Emma Sophia Ryan performed the song against a backdrop of stunning Irish scenery. The footage was filmed in Nohoval Cove and at the Old Head of Kinsale.

Her Mum, Mary, a professional musician, played the piano and violin music featured on the video, the Irish Mirror reported.

The video was published on the young singer's Facebook page and dedicated to “everyone with Irish blood in their veins.”

The post reads: "'Danny Boy' as you've never heard it before, performed by rising star, Emma Sophia from Kinsale, Ireland.

"Dedicated to everyone with Irish blood in their veins, this is both an emotional and a spiritual experience.

"The video is set overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the first part features the stunning scenery of Nohoval Cove and the world-famous Old Head of Kinsale.

"The second part was shot in the unbelievably atmospheric setting of a 6th-century church and graveyard situated on top of a cliff overlooking the outer reaches of Kinsale at the start of the Wild Atlantic Way."

"Danny Boy's" lyrics were written by English songwriter Frederic Weatherly in 1913, and the melody is derived from an old Irish tune called "Londonderry Air." 

The song's melancholic and emotive melody, combined with its poignant lyrics, has made it a beloved classic and an iconic representation of Irish music. "Danny Boy" has been covered and performed by countless artists over the years, across various genres, and it has become a popular choice at funerals and other solemn occasions.

The song's lyrics tell the story of a person bidding farewell to a loved one who is leaving or has passed away. The singer implores "Danny Boy" to come back or to rest in peace, depending on the context in which it is sung.

Emma Sophia's Facebook post has over 8.1k comments, with social media users from around the world praising the girl for her "enchanting" voice.

"Emma Sophia, your sweet voice warms my heart and soul," said one Facebook user.

Another said the young girl is a "star in the making."

Check out more from Emma Sophia at emmasophia.hearnow.com. Emma Sophia's Facebook page can be found here

* Originally published in 2021, updated in Aug 2023.