Well, Conor McGregor did what he said he was going to do on Saturday night, and it took all of 40 seconds to literally kick the stuffing out of the old Cowboy, Donald Cerrone, at UFC 246 in Las Vegas.

Conor McGregor’s girlfriend and mother of his two children, Dee Devlin, was right by his side throughout, walking behind him as he entered the T Mobile Arena and embracing him in the ring after he was declared the winner of his first UFC fight in 15 months.  She’s been there since day one, to her credit; how she feels about Conor’s outside the octagon antics this past year is not for us to know, of course.   The two of them hit up the Encore nightclub to celebrate after the bout where tons of Irish fans were waiting.

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No question Conor was in damage control mode during his time in Sin City, being all polite and subdued at the official pre-fight press conference and confessing that he’s now under the wing of the hugely popular American life coach Tony Robbins.  And he says that LeBron James has been another source of inspiration.

“I actually said this to Tony Robbins, right?” McGregor said during an ESPN interview last week. “Because I read something about LeBron James a while back, about maybe a year ago. He spent $1.5 million annually on his health, his self, his everything, his nutritionist – and I spent nothing.

“Only in camp (do) I bring a team together. That’s not the way to do this, but I drop money on a bleeding car or a watch. I’m like, ‘Spend on myself, my health, and my fitness.’ That’s helped me. Then you acquire more. You’re going to acquire even more then.”

40 seconds ✅
£80m ✅
Not a hair out of place ✅

What a return to the octagon for Conor McGregor 👉 https://t.co/paMr9KtatA #UFC246 pic.twitter.com/iZ1cVUSF8p

— BBC Sport (@BBCSport) January 19, 2020

LeBron must have been watching Conor’s decimation of Cowboy on Saturday because he was the first big name to offer congrats on social media.  Conor’s usual Hollywood fans, for the most part, stayed mum, as far as we could see, though for sure there was a big A list contingent at the arena, including Tom Brady, Matthew McConaughey, Jeremy Renner, David Spade and a bunch of other NFL players.

Robbins was there too watching his latest celebrity client return to action. 

“So proud of @TheNotoriousMMA — the ONE & ONLY, #ConorMcGregor!! What a turnaround he’s created within himself in the last year. He’s had a WORK ETHIC like no other — not only strengthening his body to be even more FIT than he’s been, but also and perhaps, MORE IMPORTANTLY...strengthening his MIND, HEART, and SOUL. It’s such an incredible honor to be a part of this team and to celebrate an extraordinary victory with them tonight,” Robbins tweeted.

We’ll see how long Saint Conor is on his best behavior; why he even hugged and kissed Cowboy’s grandma in the octagon after the fight.   Will he always be so benevolent?  That’s the million-dollar question.

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