Conall McGinn, a native of Belfast, is starring in the Harvard Dramatic Club's debut at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland this week.

McGinn, 21, stars at Daniel Lemonade in the Harvard Dramatic Club’s production of “Atalanta,” which is written and performed by Harvard students.

A former St. Malachy's student, McGinn is studying Applied Maths at the prestigious Harvard University in Boston. He is also a talented performer and singer, and last year released an album when he was home from college.

"Atalanta," described as "Hamilton" meets "The Post," is Harvard’s first-ever show in the renowned festival in Scotland.

Here's the synopsis for the musical that is written and performed by Harvard students: "New York, 1969. Sarina Lemonde is an editor at the struggling Atalanta Post, with no plans to shake up her quiet, respectable life anytime soon.

"But one night, it all goes upside down: her wealthy estranged mother sweeps back into her life, her closeted husband begins an ill-advised affair with her boss, and Sarina is unexpectedly installed as the first female president of the Atalanta Post."

McGinn features in the cast of eight students from Harvard Dramatic Club in the production that enjoyed a sold-out at the Loeb Drama Centre of Boston's American Repertory Theatre in April this year. 

Mira-Rose Kingsbury Lee, who is studying microbiology and history at Harvard, said: “It’s such a privilege to be bringing Atalanta across the pond, and making Harvard’s debut at the Edinburgh Fringe! 

“I’ve been writing Atalanta for about 10 years, almost as long as I’ve been a Fringe festival-goer. In fact, it was seeing the incredible outpouring of creative energy at the Fringe which first inspired me to try to put the show up in Boston.

"So, coming off our sold-out run at the American Repertory Theatre, it seemed only fitting that we put this show up where it all started."

"Atalanta The Musical" is showing daily in the Fleming Theatre at Surgeons’ Hall until Saturday, August 19.

The cast and crew of "Atalanta" have thanked the Open Gate Foundation and their GoFundMe donors for their generous support of this production of "Atalanta" at the Edinburgh Fringe.