Corkman Cillian Murphy stars in the hit new movie, ‘Dunkirk,’ and was roped into a cringeworthy interview with Stephen Colbert.

“One of the things that I did not know,” Colbert begins, “is that I did not know that you were Irish! Your English, your American accent was so good that you fooled me.”

“Thank you,” Murphy answers.

“Can you be fooled by people doing an Irish accent?” Colbert continues.

“Occasionally, yeah,” Murphy muses.

“But most of the time not?”

“There’s been some successful Irish accents,” he concludes, “...and there’s less successful.”

Colbert then adds, “Do you guys get lucky charms in Ireland?”

“Lucky charms don’t exist in Ireland,” Murphy ruefully informs him.

“The leprechauns hide them from you?”

“Yeah,” he says.

Colbert then tells him that he just visited Dublin with his family, where Murphy now lives.

“Amazing town,” he tells the actor.

“Oh, so you have Irish roots?” Murphy inquires.

I’m all Irish,” Colbert tells his somewhat unmoved interviewee.

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“Did you have a traditional Catholic school education as a boy?”

“Yep, no choice,” Murphy ruefully replies.

“Growing up would you sing traditional Irish tunes or ballads?” Colbert then adds.

“Not really,” Murphy recalls.

“See that’s a stereotype,” Colbert adds, “over here that you’re always down at the pub singing.”

“Well we were down at the pub… but just not necessarily singing… just drinking.”

The pair then discuss the evacuation of Dunkirk – one of the most famous and totemic events in British history, equivalent even to the 1916 Rising – which Colbert seems to have been unaware of previously.

“It’s a brilliant movie,” Colbert ends – something few will likely think about his interview.

But watch for yourself and decide.

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