Are you sick of house prices in Ireland? Struggling to afford a home even with mortgage approval? Tired of the incredible cost-of-living increases? Do you work remotely?

If you've ever thought of packing it all in and taking advantage of the lower property prices around Europe, then you're going to love Maggie Molloy's new TV series "Cheap European Homes."

Fresh from numerous successful seasons of "Cheap Irish Homes" on RTÉ, Molloy is on a new mission - finding cheap properties in Europe.

"I'm going to find cheap houses all over Europe and I want you guys to come with me," an excited Molloy said in an Instagram post.

"So if anyone's looking for a house or ready to just up sticks and get out of the rat race that is the Irish property market - maybe you're working from home, you've mortgage approval and you haven't a hope of buying a house here even with it, then you need to email me and we're going to find you a house!"

Back in 2019, Molloy told IrishCentral that she's always had a love of old houses: “When it came time for me to purchase a house of my own, saving an old cottage was really a no-brainer. No new build was ever going to resonate with me the way an old house would, and the thought that I could prevent just one family’s pride and joy from being lost to time was something that really appealed to me.

"To be the reason laughter once again lilted through quiet forgotten rooms, or to know that it was because of me that little bare feet would be heard running across the flagstones again would be something to be proud of right?”

During each episode of the upcoming new RTÉ series, Molloy will enlist the help of local architects / engineers to help with selecting the properties and getting advice on planning laws and taxes.

She'll also meet up with Irish people who have relocated to the areas where the new series will be filmed to find out the pros and cons.

Molloy is looking for adventurous house hunters with open minds who are not afraid of taking the big step to relocate to another country in mainland Europe for this new six-part series.

If you're open to relocating and actively looking to move, the producers of the new show want to hear from you. Applicants must be available for filming over a number of days between October 2022 and February 2023.

To apply to take part in the show, email [email protected]. The closing date for applications is September 10, 2022.