Will Game of Thrones spin offs and new productions skip Northern Ireland because of Brexit? The New York Times has asked the question.

The New York Times reports that “Over eight seasons, Game of Thrones has spent more than $275 million in the region, according to Northern Ireland Screen.”

That is not even adding in what the tourism spend kicked off by the series has been. Northern Ireland tourism leaders have estimated that at $60 million per year.

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But will it all come crashing down The Times asks now that Thrones is on its last legs and Brexit may destroy the Northern Irish film industry with Britain falling out of favor for filmmakers?

If Britain crashes out The Times says most of the European productions that might have followed up in Northern Ireland will not come. Although there are more productions from the US overall, Brexit may well impact them as well in terms of casting, and ease of travel to different locations and production costs.

Brexit could also impact the planned prequel to Game of Thrones which HBO is said to be planning.

There is much at stake as The Times notes.

Game of Thrones has filmed all over the globe, including in Croatia, Spain, Morocco, Iceland and Malta, and other locations have become synonymous with the show, for better and worse. But as the home of not only the production, in Belfast’s Titanic Studios, but also Westeros itself, Northern Ireland has been transformed in fact and figment. As the series altered the TV landscape, it also altered actual landscapes: For millions of viewers all over the world, this country has been redefined and remade in the show’s image.”

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So what happens now that Thrones is over and Brexit threatens Richard Williams head for Northern Ireland Screen is not worried.

“We’re getting calls every week,” Williams said.

“I’m not in the slightest gloomy about our potential after Game of Thrones,” he added. “But at the same time, I would never want to diminish how unique a thing Game of Thrones is.”