Bradley Cooper paid for his dogs to have massages. The 'Hangover' star treated his pooches Charlotte and Sampson to a special day out at Los Angeles' exclusive Chateaux Marmont hotel where they were pampered and preened.

A source said: "Bradley's been traveling a lot and he felt guilty about leaving them. The doggie spa trip made him feel better, too!" During the day, the dogs were given aromatherapy baths to spruce up their fur, massages to relax them and "pawicures" to keep their claws in tip top condition.

Bradley is not the only celebrity to invest in beauty treatments for his pet. Last year, it was reported Jennifer Aniston - who Bradley was rumored to have dated earlier this year- was paying $250 a week for her corgi-terrier Norman to receive massage, Reiki, and acupuncture treatments.

A source said at the time: "Norman has been Jennifer's constant companion during all her emotional upheavals, but he suffers from aching joints and stiffness. Jennifer doesn't want to put him on medication just yet, so she has opted for doggy spa treatments from a licensed vet technician."