Bono has welcomed his daughters Jordan, 23, and Eve, 21, home to Dublin for Christmas and he couldn't be happier about it.

The U2 star told the Irish Independent how much he's enjoying a full house now that his New York City dwelling offspring are back home for the holidays.

'We're very much looking forward to Christmas this year. The two girls are back, which means there won't be much room in the house for me and Ali, but we love it and all their mates, too – it's just that time of year,' Bono said.

'They've both finished college now. Eve finished early, which is amazing, as she worked through the summer. Jordan's making her mind up as well about what she wants to do now, too.'

Christmas Day in his upscale Dalkey home will be  a relaxing one. 'This year my brother Norman and his family are coming over to our house. It's noisy, it's messy, it's fantastic – just everything we love about Christmas.'

Getting the holidays off to a rock and roll start, U2 threw a no expense spared party at H-Cafe in Dublin for the staff at their company Principle Management, with legendary manager Paul McGuinness being the first to arrive. U2 guitarist The Edge, whose real name is Dave Evans, followed along shortly after.

Then Bono turned up accompanied by close friend and artist Guggi before Adam Clayton made a typically understated entrance later on.

Asked whether U2 fans can expect a new album next year, McGuinness told the Irish Independent: '2012 has been very busy. There's always activity, so certainly expect a new record.'

Ali Hewson and Bono of U2Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images