While dining at the exclusive Chateau Marmont hotel in LA Colin Farrell was overheard speaking about his children.

“He’s just amazing,” he said of his three-month old son, according to the British paper, the Mirror. “Having two babies is amazing. Life couldn’t be -better right now.”

Could it be that the wild Irishman has finally settled down?

Farrell now has two boys, Henry, whose mother is Farrell’s Polish actress girlfriend Alicja Bachleda Curus, and James, by former model Kim Bordenave. James has a type of cerebral palsy known as Angelman Syndrome.

Farrell’s former party-companion Lindsay Lohan was reportedly also at the Chateau, having dinner with her mother Dina. The two kept far apart. At one point, according to the Mirror, Lohan said to Dina, “Have you seen who’s over there? It’s f***ing Colin.”

Her mother replied: “I know – just turn your chair round.”

Unlike Farrell, who had just come from a business meeting, Lohan has yet relinquish her hard-partying lifestyle. She may have been to India recently to shoot a documentary about child trafficking but her behavior doesn't seem to have changed. She, her mother and a friend were downing vodka and wine, the Mirror reported.

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