Aslan will release their final studio recording with lead singer Christy Dignam, who died on June 13 after a long battle with a rare blood disorder. 

The band's rendition of "The Fields of Athenry", which was recorded before Christy Dignam became too ill to perform, will be released on streaming platforms on July 20. 

Dignam was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called amyloidosis in 2013 and entered palliative care last December after spending six months in hospital in 2022. 

Aslan is now releasing their version of the "Fields of Athenry" as a tribute to Dignam. 

Paul O'Reilly of Dolphin Records approached Aslan to cover the famous Irish song in their own style. 

Aslan guitarist Billy McGuinness told Hot Press that the group didn't think that it would be their final recording with Dignam at the time. 

"Little did we know when we were in the studio, recording an Aslan version of the Fields of Athenry, that it would be our final time recording with Christy," McGuinness remarked. 

"As usual he recorded an amazing vocal to the track and like so many cover songs that the band have recorded over the years, Christy put his own unique stamp on it.

"As we all know Christy loved the ballads and he has sung some brilliant versions of them throughout our years together. This song is iconic to many people across the whole world and we really hope you enjoy our take on this classic song.

"For it to be our last recording with Christy makes it even more special."

In a recent interview with RTÉ Radio 1, Dignam's daughter, Kiera, said her father had "no idea" how much he meant to people. 

She added that she was surprised by the outpouring of support following Dignam's death, with thousands of people lining the streets of Finglas as he was laid to rest. 

"I think it was probably a little bit selfish of me to want to have that day just for us because he did belong to everybody else as well in a way - that aspect of him, the 'Christy' aspect of him.

"He was 'Dad' to me, and Christopher to my mam, and 'Grandad', but I think it was important to give people that - to let people grieve and let fans be together.

"And in the long run, I actually would have regretted missing that because it was amazing, and it was amazing support for us."

"He deserved to be celebrated."