Irish actor Aidan Turner stars as Leonardo da Vinci in a new series slated to hit television screens next year. 

The first glimpse of Aidan Turner in "Leonardo" shows the Irish actor as da Vinci learning his craft as a young apprentice. 

The drama explores da Vinci's time as an apprentice in Andrea del Verrocchio's workshop in Florence and also chronicles his career as one of the world's most renowned artists. 

Giancarlo Giannini plays Verrocchio, da Vinci's master, while Matilda De Angelis plays Caterina da Cremona, one of da Vinci's dearest friends. 

The new "Leonardo" teaser first aired on April 15, the birth date of the famous Italian artist, and serves to whet the appetite for next year's show:

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The series was created by Frank Spotnitz, who previously worked on "The X-Files," and Steve Thompson, who worked on the contemporary Sherlock Holmes drama "Sherlock."

The series is directed by Daniel Percival and Alexis Sweet. 

"Leonardo" is an international co-production involving Big Light Productions, France Televisions, RTVE, and Lux Vide with RAI Fiction. Sony Pictures Television is distributing the series around the world. 

The production marks a return to television for Turner, who hasn't featured in a television production since he starred as Poldark in the eponymous BBC drama. 

Poldark was set in Cornwall, England, just after the American War of Independence and received widespread critical acclaim. 

We can't wait to see how the Dublin-born actor adapts to the role of one of history's most famous and charismatic figures. 

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