The Rory Staunton Foundation has launched a critical sepsis awareness video entitled “Sepsis: A Hidden Crisis Exposed.”

It is a vitally important video about one of the most deadly infections in the world which is almost unknown in the United States. Sepsis kills over 258,000 Americans every year. Two families tell their tragic stories about their fight to have government agencies take responsibility and inform the American people about a disease that is largely curable, if detected on time.

The Staunton family, parents of Rory Staunton who died aged 12 years in April, 2012 and Carl Flatley, father of Erin Flatley, who died aged 23 in 2002 speak to the preventable deaths of their children and together with senior health officials make a passionate call to action for government agencies to address this deadly situation, immediately.

“Like countless other parents, we had never heard of Sepsis before Rory died. We established the Rory Staunton Foundation for Sepsis awareness to educate others about Sepsis, so that what happened to us would not happen to them,” said Rory’s mom, Orlaith Staunton.

About the Rory Staunton Foundation

The Rory Staunton Foundation seeks to ensure that no other young person or adult dies of sepsis because of lack of recognition of the deadly symptoms by the medical community and responsible authorities and to serve as a major information source for the medical condition’s symptoms and outreach efforts. For more information, please visit