It seems it’s not always a dog-eat-dog world - at least not in Ireland. In Sutton, Dublin, a dog was presumably hit by a vehicle that sped off, leaving it on the road. In the video you’ll see a second dog stand guard over the injured one to make sure no other cars come too close as it tries to care for its fallen friend.

The heartbreaking video shows a miraculous and touching sense of loyalty between animals, and at the same time raises an eyebrow at the passerby behind the camera who’s filming instead helping the injured dog him or herself.

It’s the definition of bittersweet - saddening to see the helpless pup, but heartwarming and inspiring to see the care given. The guarding dog tries to push the injured off the road; it stands over it as a warning to other cars, and it nuzzles up and rests its head on the body while ignoring all of the honking.