Dublin has been ranked as one of the top 10 European cities with the best "spooky tours," making it a great place to celebrate Halloween.

Holidu has found the cities in Europe with the highest-rated Ghost & Vampire tours as presented on TripAdvisor

For Halloween lovers looking for that perfect spooky destination, here are some of the most exciting European cities to visit on the 31st of October. 

Ireland's capital ranked #7 on the list of The 10 Cities in Europe with the Top Rated Spooky Tours, which named Edinburgh, Scotland as the spookiest city in Europe, followed by Paris and Barcelona.

Meanwhile, Dublin's Dark Dublin Guided Walking Tour by Unearthed Tours took the #8 spot in the 10 Best Rated Spooky Tours in Europe. At the time of the study, the tour had a five-star average rating out of 397 reviews on TripAdvisor. The cost of the tour is listed as €14.00.

The UK, which took six spots on the list, including all top five, had the greatest number of best-rated spooky tours on the list. The top three rated tours were in Edinburgh, followed by a tour in London and one in Liverpool. A tour in Edinburgh also took the #7 spot on the list.

The rankings are listed below.

The 10 Cities in Europe with the Top-Rated Spooky Tours:

1. Edinburgh, UK

2. Paris, France

3. Barcelona Spain

4. London, UK

5. Rome, Italy

6. Prague, Czech Republic

7. Dublin, Ireland

8. Florence, Italy

9. Venice, Italy

10. Madrid, Spain

The 10 Best-Rated Spooky Tours in Europe, According to TripAdvisor:

1. The World Famous Underground Ghost Tour in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

2. Edinburgh Darkside Walking Tour in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

3. Haunted Vaults walking tour in Edinburgh in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

4. The Cloak and Dagger Tour in London, United Kingdom

5. Liverpool Ghost Walking Tour in Liverpool, United Kingdom

6. Walking Night Tour – Ghost Stories and Legends of Prague’s Old Town in Prague, Czech Republic

7. Fright Night Tour in Edinburgh, UK

8. Dark Dublin Guided Walking Tour in Dublin, Ireland

9. The dark side of Florence – Mysteries and Legend in Florence, Italy

10. Two-hour Forbidden Walking Tour of Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain

* Holidu created the study from data gathered in October 2022, article was updated in 2023.

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