Dublin documentary maker's moving film wishes Happy Christmas to all those Irish who can't make it home this December.

A Dublin documentary filmmaker, Cathal Kenna, made a moving video wishing Irish emigrants a Happy Christmas.

Posting the beautiful clip to YouTube in 2014, he wrote, “For those who would like to but can't make it back to Ireland this Christmas, please enjoy this short whistle-stop tour of Ireland clip.”

The video goes through Ireland county by county showing a few seconds of a site in each one of them and is a touching tribute to the emigrants from every single one of the 32 counties on the island who have left for other countries or even just moved to another county.

While many Irish emigrants make it back home for the holidays, just as many are celebrating in their new homes and parents and children alike are facing the thought of spending Christmas without some of their most loved ones. 

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Have a look for your home county and share with those who can't make it home this year: 

What is your favorite county in Ireland? Where would you most love to visit? Let us know in the comments section, below.

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*Originally published in 2017.