Dubliners share their real feelings towards Cork people... and some of them didn't hold back!

Dublin and Cork have always enjoyed rivalry when it comes to the best county, with people from Cork often saying that they live in "the real capital!"

In this archive footage captured on the streets of Dublin in 1982, Dubliners were stopped as they passed by and asked an important question - "What do you think of Cork people."

Watch: What do Dubliners think of Cork People?:

"They have a very funny way of talking" was a common answer given with one woman saying, "You can't really understand them when they're talking... it's like they are singing a song the whole way through."

One woman had a particularly harsh opinion and shared that she "wasn't keen on them... they are very mean... most country people are in a certain way, they are very cute and cunning because they take the work from the Dublin people."

This answer didn't receive a good reaction from the studio audience watching the clip at the time, with gasps being heard from the crowds.

When asked if they can do a Cork accent this proved too difficult, with some attempting but failing to in fits of giggles.

And what qualities spring to the minds of Dubliners when you think of Cork people?

"They are sly and cute", grins one lady while a man dressed in a suit declares, "I think they are a nice race of people!"

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