Paddy Power, the world renowned Irish bookmaker, has decided to find out if anyone will bet on the size of Donald Trump’s tower.

By tower, you know what we mean: the component of Donald Trump’s anatomy which he indicated is of massive proportions during his primary battle with Senator Marco Rubio (FL).

How precisely the Republican candidates got involved in this debate on national television is still a bit of a mystery, but now Paddy Power, who would bet on two flies (excuse the pun), has opened a book on The Donald’s size.

Yes, folks, they want you to bet on “How Big is Donald Trump’s Manhood?”

Trump takes a spin on Putin's horse.

— Gary B'Man (@VetsNot4Trump) May 5, 2016

With options ranging from four inches or less, to 9.01 inches or more, in what may come as a surprise to some, the current favorite for the height of Trump’s erect wall is at the higher end in terms of length, with 7.01 inches to 8 inches currently coming in at 11/4.

The next best favorites are 9.01 inches or more at 3/1 and 8.01 inches to 9 inches, or 6.01 inches to 7 inches at 10/3. Does anybody know if Trump has a stake in Paddy Power?

The bigger winners would come in smaller packages (we’ve heard that excuse before), as the chances that Trump’s stump only reaches four inches or less while he’s mid-performance are placed at the wild outsider price of 50/1.

Unfortunately, all bets made will be completely void if Trump doesn’t reveal the answer by the end of 2016, and seeing as he’s not even happy to show us all his tax returns, we’re guessing he won’t be so forthcoming about physical exposure to the public either.

You have until Thursday, June 30, to place your bets.