Ciaran Bartlett is an Irish man who knows his Irish folk songs and explains how in this hilarious video. 

Ireland has thousands of folk songs and some of which are known all over the world.They often sing about history Irish heroes and about the fight for independence. 

Ciaran is a comedian based out of West Belfast and was performing to an audience when he  explained that the process for writing folk songs is exactly the same each time. 

Here's his step-by-step format:

Step 1: The chord

You first need to find a dark and brooding chord on the guitar. The chord is A Minor and it sounds really 'sad and ominous.' 

You also have to "thump the sh*t out of it" to make it sound more epic. 

Step 2: The Eyes

Now that you have your chord down the next step is to 'get your mad eyes on' and look angrily around the room. He says you have to look as if 'you're gonna fight your ma.'

Step 3: The lyrics

You now have to think of a year in the 1800s and then think of something negative that the British people did while in control of Ireland. 

Step 4: Choose your hero 

You're nearly there! Now is the time to choose revolutionary hero and then to shorten his name as if you were friends. 

So Michael Collins becomes 'Big Mickey Collins.'

Step 5: The goose voice

This is the most important part, you have to sing like a goose getting strangled. 

He then belts out the culmination of these five steps and it sounds absolutely fantastic... Who knew it was that simple to write an Irish folk song?!

So there you have it, five simple steps and you've got yourself an Irish folk song. 

Give it a try and send us your versions!

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