Two Irish super fans traveled all the way to Phoenix for Sunday’s Super Bowl in the hopes of somehow acquiring last minute tickets.

As it turns out, they didn’t even need to worry about the whole ticket part.

Richard Whelan from Dublin and Paul McEvoy from Tipperary somehow managed to sneak their way past security at the University of Phoenix Stadium and proceeded directly to the fourth row of seats, where tickets had been selling (or not really selling, judging by the photos) for a cool $25,000.

I fu**ing made it!! Snuck in straight through the front door! NOW LET'S GO HAWKS! #SuperbowlXLIX

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After they had safely enjoyed the big game, Whelan tipped off Irish sports and entertainment site about his sneaky coups.

ICYMI: The story of the Irish lads who blagged their way to Superbowl tickets worth $25k

— (@JOEdotie) February 2, 2015

“Originally I thought that I'd be able to buy a ticket in Ireland because I got my ticket for last year's Super Bowl on the Friday before the match for $1,500,” he said, “but this year the prices skyrocketed to over $7k for the cheapest ticket!

"We snuck into the Super Bowl straight through the front door! It was absolutely insane. Tough loss for the Hawks [Whelan is, by all appearances, a massive Seahawks fan] but great experience. Ended up in 4th row in seats that were worth $25,000 each, sitting next to Lawyer Milloy, one of the best safeties that played for the Pats. Unreal stuff!”

Just did an interview with NFL network. Hoping some camera time helps me get a ticket #SuperbowlXLIX

— Richard Whelan (@richiewhelan) January 31, 2015

Earlier in the day, they were also interviewed by a reporter from the NFL Network who apparently loved the fact that Irish guys had traveled over for the Super Bowl.