A Twitter storm erupted last night as Bill O’Reilly seemed inebriated to hundreds of thousands of viewers of Fox News after the presidential debate.

O’Reilly’s interview with a clearly ill at ease Donald Trump was bizarre, with O'Reilly demanding to know why Trump felt O’Reilly had occasionally been unfair to him.

He also made some borderline strange comments about Melania Trump, Donald’s wife.

He then interviewed all the other contenders with frequent blips in his speech, sounding remarkably off key.

He told the next guest, media expert Bernie Goldberg, he had no questions for him effectively asking him to make up his own.

Here’s a sample of the reaction to the alleged slurring.

I've never been as drunk as Bill O'Reilly was on TV tonight.

— Scott Weinberg (@scottEweinberg) March 4, 2016

But for real no one thought to pull Bill O' off the air after the rash of "Is Bill O'Reilly DRUNK" tweets??? #foxnews #GOPDebate

— Amy Pinney (@AmyPinney) March 4, 2016

Bill O'Reilly is so drunk I can't even understand him UGH THIS IS AMERICA I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PRESS 1 FOR ENGLISH BILL. #GOPDebate

— Heather Wade (@HWookiee) March 4, 2016

drunk bill o'reilly reminds me a lot of dr steve brule

— Skull Zone (@RandyBalma) March 4, 2016

Great primetime line-up on Foxnews tonight. 'When Dick-measuring Goes Bad!' followed by 'Bill O'Reilly: Drunk or Stroke?'

— Zeddonymous (@ZeddRebel) March 4, 2016

bill o'reilly is visibly drunk on the debate postshow and i want to shout it from the mountaintops but instead i will shout from twittertops

— GEOFFREY 2016 (@geofftype) March 4, 2016

Serious Question: is Bill O'Reilly drunk? #GOPDebate

— Mitchell Fink (@themitchellfink) March 4, 2016

Bill O'Reilly has his Sarah Palin drunk on #GOPDebate

— Sheila Naifeh (@shenaifeh) March 4, 2016


— ShameBoy Advance (@Danny_Parisi_) March 4, 2016

You guys Bill O'Reilly is white-girl drunk right now. #GOPDebate #TheOreillyFactor

— Darwin Brandis (@DarwinBrandis) March 4, 2016

Jesus! Bill O'Reilly is wasted on the air right now. O'Reilly is drunk, so goddamn drunk ��! Patton Oswalt was right!

— Todd C. Elliott (@Todd_C_Elliott) March 4, 2016

Bill O'Reilly is actually drunk on Fox News right now, he's slurring every other word

— Andrew Bukowski (@spinagaindrew) March 4, 2016

Bill O'Reilly is visibly drunk on his show oh my god are you guys watching this

— Riley™ (@Rilpweb) March 4, 2016

Bill O Reilly is so drunk you could light him on fire

— Matt Weiland (@MattsDreamTrips) March 4, 2016

Bill O'Reilly reminds me of my mom. In that they're both the same amount of drunk right now.#GOPdebate

— Justine Hipsky (@jhipsky) March 4, 2016

Bill O'Reilly sounds extra drunk tonight. #GOPDebate

— UncleJerry (@unclejerry) March 4, 2016

Marco Rubio actually looks concerned at how drunk Bill O’Reilly is. Somebody please get him off the air. #GOPDebate

— Thomas Ella (@mrthomasella) March 4, 2016

Is Bill O'Reilly drunk? It honestly looks and sounds that way.

— Jennifer Merritt (@MerrittJennifer) March 4, 2016
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