The Leinster Leader certainly knows how to grab the attention of their readers!

Editors at the Irish paper recently showed their humorous side with a double entendre headline for a local story.

Kildare county councillor Thomas Redmond had complained about the erection of a pole on a bridge in Kildangan and the local Irish paper reported the story with a rather salacious headline.

Meanwhile in Kildare...check out this hilarious headline from today's Leinster Leader 🤣

— Shane Beatty (@ShaneBeattyKFM) January 17, 2017

 Redmond condemned the erection as “dangerous and totally irresponsible,” and has wondered, “whoever thought it was safe?”

The story, with its cheeky headline, made its way to print on Tuesday, January 17.

Irish broadcaster Shane Beatty shared the print headline on Twitter the same day.

We hope county councillor Redmond appreciated the joke!