Regional jokes are part of the staple of Irish life, pitting country folk against city slickers and smart alecks against native wit.

Here are the top ten we have compiled:

Cavan Jokes

People from this county are allegedly especially flinty and careful with their money.

- Where does a Cavan father bring his kids on Christmas Eve?
To Santa’s grave.

- Why does a Cavan man get married in a farmyard? So the hens can eat the rice.

- How was the Grand Canyon formed? A Cavan man dropped a nickel down a rabbit hole.

- A Cavan man and his wife were at the fair and a pilot was offering a free flight to anyone who would stay quiet while he did loop the loops in the small plane. If they screamed it would cost $50.

- The Cavan couple climbed on board and the pilot did his worst to complete silence from the back of the plane.

- Finally, he landed and he complimented the Cavan man on the two-way radio for staying quiet.
“Ah now, I nearly shouted when the wife fell out," the Cavan man replied.

Kerry Jokes

Ireland’s smartest rural county with a reputation for cleverness.

Question asked of a Kerry man:

- “Is it true when you ask a Kerry man a question he answers by asking another?

Kerry man: “Who told you that”?

- The Kerry man told his friend he’d invented a spaceship to go to the sun:

“But you’ll burn up its way too hot.”

“No problem we’ll go at night,” the Kerry man replied.

- Two Kerry men got lost on a dark night and stumbled into a graveyard.

“Where the hell are we,” said one.

“No problem I know by this signpost,” said the other looking at a gravestone, “it says 'Miles from Dublin'”

- An unpopular Kerry man died and the priest could get no one to say a kind word. Eventually, after an awkward silence, a little man at the back of the church volunteered and said. “His brother was worse”

Cork Jokes

- Cork people are said to have high opinions of themselves as in “Help, help, my son the doctor is drowning.”

- A brick on a Cork man’s head is called “an extension.”

*Originally published in 2013. Updated in April 2022.