Today's officially Name Yourself Day. Why not check out the top most popular names in Ireland and choose one of those! Did any of your favorites make the list? 

The top 100 Irish baby names of 2017 have been released and while we’re seeing more and more cool and unusual names being used as baby names in Ireland, the top five results are far from unique with old favorites Jack and Emily coming in first place once again.

This is, in fact, the seventh year in a row that Emily has been the top baby name for a girl in Ireland. The top five most popular girls’ names for babies also included Emma, Amelia, Grace, and Sophie.

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— Central Statistics Office Ireland (@CSOIreland) February 28, 2018

After being knocked off the top spot in 2016 by James, Jack, JFK's nickname, reclaimed its number one place in the top baby names for boys in Ireland last year. It had previously held this position since 2007, an eight-year reign. The top five was rounded out by James in second, followed by Daniel, Conor, and Sean. These five names have remained in the top five (in various orders) since 2007. In fact, four of them (Jack, Sean, Conor, and James) have been there since 1998.

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Image: CSO.

Image: CSO.

There were some interesting new additions to the top 100 this year with the rise of Esme in the baby girls’ names list perhaps showing an influence of Peaky Blinders. Other new additions included Aoibhin, Nina, and Pippa for girls and Theo and Jackson for boys.

Jack and Emily were the most popular names registered in 2017 - Irish Babies Names 2017

— Central Statistics Office Ireland (@CSOIreland) February 28, 2018

Aoibhin and Theo were also the highest climbers in 2017. Aoibhin jumped 82 places to 68th from 150th in 2016. Theo increased from 106th place in 2016 to 73rd place in 2017.

Some of the less common girls' names registered in 2017 and not included in the top 100 names were Everly, Teegan and Romi. Some of the less popular boys' names registered in 2017 were Saul, Seaghan and Marley.

In keeping with the trend in Ireland in recent years, the results from the Central Statistics Office show that girls are given a wider variety of names than boys with 4,493 girls’ names registered in 2017 compared to 3,472 boys’ names.  Despite the greater number of male births, a smaller range of names was used for boys than for girls.

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— Central Statistics Office Ireland (@CSOIreland) February 28, 2018

The CSO also undertook a survey of surnames of the births registered in 2017. It showed 20,642 unique surnames from 62,053 live births registered. Murphy and Kelly were the most common surname while the top 10 most popular surnames account for 7.4% (or 4,585) of the 62,053 births registered in 2017.

What’s your favorite Irish baby name? Let us know what it is in the comments section below.

* Originally published in Feb 2018.