A top YouTube influencer's video has become the second most viewed video on the platform in less than two days prompting the Irish American Superbowl champ to say "Maybe I should come out of retirement".

Tom Brady, the recently retired Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, was featured in a video by Mr. Beast which became the second most-viewed video on YouTube in less than 36 hours. The video, including some amazing throws by Brady, garnered over 52 million views at the time of publication. Only Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars managed to mount up views this quickly.

In the video, Jimmy Donaldson, aka Mr. Beast, explores the different levels of luxury yachts, comparing crafts ranging in cost from $1 to $1 billion. 

During the 15-minute video Pete Davidson, "Saturday Night Live" alum, also joined Mr. Beast and his friends on the yachts and joined in the fun by throwing some fruit at another boat alongside. Then it was Brady's chance to shine.

On board a $300 million boat, Mr. Beast sent his drone out over the water and tasked the seven-time Super Bowl champion with hitting it.

Brady said, "If I hit this drone first try, maybe I should come out of retirement." 

The football star's daughter, Vivian, said: "You’re gonna miss."

Lo-and-behold, Brady clipped it with one pass! 

Mr. Beast then put money on Brady's next throw with one of his friends being sent out into the sea on a jet ski. Then with one perfect toss, Brady hit the driver right on the chest! 

Even the NFL was impressed, posting online, "Brady makes this look easy."

Forty-five-year-old Brady officially announced his retirement from the National Football League in February 2023. While he joked in this video about coming out of retirement, the sportsman seems to be enjoying retirement with his children.

Check out the video of Brady here, the pro's ticks can be seen at 9:42: