One of the best things about being Irish is, as with every other nationality, we have our own secret traditions and in-jokes that no other nation in the world will find half as funny or half as annoying.

The Facebook page “Things Only Irish People Will Get” is a fantastic celebration of all these little secrets and a celebration of the habits (good and bad) you’ll find “Only in Ireland.”

IrishCentral has compiled a quick selection of some of the best posts you’ll only really get if you’re Irish.

1. Understanding the importance of tea.

We’re not saying it can completely make or break a friendship, but we’ll certainly be more willing to spend our time with you if you know your way around the teapot.

2. One sure fire way to get us riled up.

Patrick: all well and good. Paddy: equally as fine. Patty: One of Marge Simpson’s horrible twin sisters, never a reference to our patron saint.

America, you've been warned.

Posted by Things only Irish people will get on Dé Domhnaigh, 22 Feabhra 2015

3. When English TV needed to use subtitles for our accent.

Even we’re struggling slightly to understand all of this Derry girl’s story. Our favorite part is when she attempts to slow down to be understood but only lasts a few seconds before rushing back into it again.

Can't believe they actually added subtitles!

Irish girl from Derry on The Graham Norton ShowPriceless!

Posted by Things only Irish people will get on Dé Domhnaigh, 22 Feabhra 2015

4. Simply the best.

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet, but he has a point here.

Good man Mr.Fry! Is he right, or is he right??

Posted by Things only Irish people will get on Dé Domhnaigh, 15 Feabhra 2015

5. Bemoaning the Irish summer.

There’s nothing like sitting by a nice cosy open fire to warm yourself up again … in the middle of summer.

6. And the lack thereof …

At least we can make fun of ourselves.

Try spot the 2 Irish lads go to a pool party in Vegas... Anyone? ...

Posted by Things only Irish people will get on Déardaoin, 16 Iúil 2015

7. Point a camera at us and we can’t resist.

This was just one of a stream of Irish pranksters who used their few seconds of facetime as a TV show audience member to make themselves famous nationwide.

Saturday Night show - Audience Legend

Brilliant Irish ladLike us Things only Irish people will get

Posted by Things only Irish people will get on Dé Domhnaigh, 22 Feabhra 2015

8. One Irishman’s ability to review “50 Shades of Gray” in one word.

This Mayo man doesn’t hold back from giving his honest opinion, even in front of “50 Shades” leading man Jamie Dornan. In fairness, he just said what a lot of us were already thinking.

An Irish lad from Mayo gives his verdict of the Fifty Shades of Grey books, on The Graham Norton ShowThis is funny...

Posted by Things only Irish people will get on Dé Máirt, 17 Feabhra 2015

9. The perfect placement of this sign at the entrance to a polling station.

Posted in the lead-up to the same-sex marriage referendum in Ireland on May 22, this accidentally well-placed sign sums up the call of both the “Yes” and “No” campaigns to get out and use your vote.

10. The never-ending goodbye.

If there’s one thing we are bad at it’s not being able to efficiently hang up the phone. We always need to have the last word in the conversation. Sometimes the goodbye can last almost as long as the phone-call!

Ending a call with the mother.

Posted by Things only Irish people will get on Dé hAoine, 6 Márta 2015

For more from "Things Only Irish People Will Get," you can visit their Facebook page.

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