We all know the ways of the Irish are unique but how Irish are you?

Check out the questions here:

1. You pack Irish sausages to bring back from a trip to Ireland.

2. You allow your mother to follow you on Facebook.

3. Your dad wore a hankie on his head on the beach during a summer heatwave.

4. You won’t drink anything but Lyons or Barry’s tea.

5. You had your first kiss in the Gaeltacht on summer holidays.

6. You bought an Aran sweater that you never wore when in Ireland.

7. You quietly sing “Danny Boy” now and then even though you know the Irish cousins will just laugh.

8. You think the only Irish cheese is the old Galtee box with eight slices.

9. You remember before there was no such thing as pizza and pasta for dinner in Ireland.

10. You make tea in a crisis, or not in a crisis.

How many did you get?

8-10 A true child of the old sod.

6-8 Not quite gang green but getting there.

4-6 Does your mother know you're Irish.

2-4 Take the boat to London to your own people.

0-2 Sprechen sie Deutsch?

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