When asked to choose the "sexiest accents of women around the world" Irish ladies were voted number one!

Take a bow all you Irish ladies out there! The Irish female accent has been voted the “sexiest” in a new Ranker poll. as reported in Maxim magazine. They asked their readers to choose the "sexiest sounding women around the world" and Irish ladies came up trumps!

The poll, entitled “Sexiest Languages or Dialects: on Women” asked those taking part to choose “from the draw of a southern American bell to the giggle of Japanese babe to the romantic sounds of the French or Spanish languages.” And there we are! Right at the top of the list “English (Irish Style)” and who else than the Irish singing group Celtic Woman cited as an example.

Love it!

The fabulous Celtic Woman, on tour in the US!

The fabulous Celtic Woman, on tour in the US!

Irish ladies are red hot, it seems. They come in above the Latin lovers – the Spanish and Italians – and in a four comes “English (Australia/New Zealand Style)” followed by “English (UK/Queen's Style).” Next comes Swedish, French, Japanese, “Spanish (Central Latin America),” and last but not least “Spanglish (English, Spanish Blend).”

We’re pretty surprised there’s no mention of the Scottish accent in here as that’s usually one that gets a mention on these lists, at least in Ireland and the UK.

Of course, there are some Irish accents that folks find impenetrable! Like this farmer’s brilliant accent that went viral, simply for being incomprehensible!

Gardaí in Co Kerry are investigating the theft of up to 60 sheep on Mount Brandon pic.twitter.com/85bJRIGrsb

— RTÉ News (@rtenews) April 9, 2017

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Hollywood stars with Irish brogues

So why are Irish ladies getting so much love? Perhaps it’s due to young Irish stars like Saoirse Ronan and Ruth Negga red hot in Hollywood right now or maybe it’s just our time, seeing as folks like Colin Farrell and Gabriel Byrne have been dining out on their accents for years!

What we’ve certainly learned is that our accent isn’t for everyone. Last year this video of Ronan teaching Stephen Colbert how to do an Irish accent went viral. What do you reckon?

What do you think is the sexiest accent in the world? Let us know in the comment section below.

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H/T: Ranker