A pet peeve of many Irish people living abroad is to be referred to as a resident of the UK when people mix up our accents (or simply don’t know the difference).

How good are we ourselves, however, at recognizing the dialectal differences between the speech of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the British Isles?

To help us along, Expedia have put together this fun interactive map exploring the various dialects of English throughout the British Isles and Ireland, and reminding us of just how quirky and unique a language can be.

One handy tip could be listening for the accent you are most attracted to! Although we slipped down to the third sexiest accent in the world this year, we still rank high among the most attractive, lyrical accents so we should easily stand out from our less poetically-endowed neighbors. 

Although they could do with some variation with their Irish accents, it’s a fun little quiz to see just how well you can tell the difference between your kin and your kin’s historical enemies.

And if you want to try a few of them out for yourself, you'll find the perfect guide for successfully attempting an Irish accent here. 

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The Accent Map by Expedia.co.uk

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